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The Modern Farmhouse design style follows the trend which combines clean lines found in contemporary design with the comfortable and cozy elements of farm living. With unique combinations of wood and metal or metal and glass, Modern Farmhouse homes charmingly highlight the natural beauty of the materials used in its construction. The diversity of this design style makes it well suited for urban applications where a cozy touch is needed. It has also been widely adopted in suburban settings where a balance between contemporary style and country living is considered highly desirable.

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Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The Modern Farmhouse look can be successfully achieved within a variety of residential architectural design styles, however there are a few traits which distinguish a quintessential Modern Farmhouse home from similar Colonial and Craftsman designs.

  • Structures often resemble a “livable barn” 

  • Vaulted great-room

  • A-frame roofs with steep pitches

  • Wrap-around porches

  • Sliding barn-style interior doors

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Modern Farmhouse Materials

If one is to imagine a classic farm house, what often comes to mind is a structure that is older than its occupants. Perhaps it was built around 1930, and it has stood through decades of storms, dust, foot traffic and the like. The truth is, homes used to be built sturdier, with thicker woods, and more attention to family living. This is the essence of the farmhouse style, of which the Modern Farmhouse style recreates with 21st century ideals.

  • Use of wide plank wood flooring

  • The “modern” part of modern farmhouse often introduces metal and glass into the structure; however, wood highlights are a must

  • Board and batten siding

  • Galvanized steel

  • Shiplap walls commonly used in the interior

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Modern Farmhouse Colors and Finishes

Monochromatic tones abound, particularly on the exterior. White walls are often times met with a sharply contrasting black roof. But this isn’t to say that the Modern Farmhouse design style is without any color characters; warm tones find their way into the home through the use of organic materials, including woods, wickers, and patinaed metals. 
  • White with black accents, grays sometimes 

  • Warmer tones and colors introduced through natural and artificial woods

  • Vintage (pitted / patina) metals.

  • Sharp contrasts between colors

  • Neutral palette 

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Modern Farmhouse Furniture and Decor

The angular nature and monochromatic colors of the Modern Farmhouse are typically softened (and highlighted) through its furniture and décor. Angular open shelving may hold curvy, rustic antiques, or old worn books. The elements often resemble items taken directly from a farm, but given new life in creative ways.

  • Country elements with a contemporary twist

  • Wood and wicker materials common

  • Reclaimed items are common; however, their use is often re-purposed in imaginative ways. Wood from an old barn becomes shiplap or a bench.

  • Open shelving

  • Vintage books

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Modern Farmhouse Lighting

As applied to lighting, the Modern Farmhouse design allows for a remarkable amount of freedom. Fixtures can be boxy, highlighting the angular nature of Modern Farmhouse architecture, or curvy, complimenting its’ décor pieces. But at its heart, Modern Farmhouse lighting fixtures often incorporate metals with woods, resemble re-purposed materials, and are built sturdy.
  • Oversized pendants in the kitchen

  • Boxy forms including rectangular chandeliers

  • Industrial elements, such as rough/raw designs and exposed bulbs

  • Simple overall designs – not ornate

  • Mixed materials including wood tones